Ninentdo 3DS rxtools

The Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console has a lot of custom firmwares and tools you can install to further unlock the said gaming console’s capabilities. Today, we are going to look at rxtools. Created by Roxas75, rxtools is a set of hacking tools you can use to hack your Nintendo 3DS.Rxtools also has a plethora of features that will entice Nintendo 3DS owners. Here is the complete list of features the rxtools has:

  • Full and free EmuNAND support, up to the latest version, 9.9
  • Access to the eShop and to online playing (requires an updated emuNAND)
  • Support for 100% of the games (newer ones will require emuNAND)
  • Support for sysNAND, in case an emuNAND is not found
  • Support for the latest emuNAND version
  • Signatures Checks disabled
  • Support for installing FBI (a CIA Manager) in both emuNAND and sysNAND
  • Dynamic ram dumping (just for debug purposes)
  • Support for sysNAND, in case an emuNAND is not found
  • AGB (GBA Virtual Console) Support
  • TWL (DSiWare/DS Cardriges) Support

Up until now, Roxas75 frequently updates rxtools so that it stays relevant. On June, 2015, he made the source code public and is now open source. This means that developers who have the same love for the Nintendo 3DS can also chime in and help with the improvement of the rxtools.

That being said, you’re probably wondering how you can install this very unique set of tools for your Nintendo 3DS.
Here are the instructions you need to install rxtools on your Nintendo 3DS:

Files you will need:

rxtools v2.5 (download release.rar)


firmware.bin (go to release->tools and open cdn_firm.exe. It will download a firmware.bin file)

slot0x25KeyX.bin (Just google it)

1.Extract the rxtools folder

2.Take your 3DS sdcard and plug it into your PC

3.Copy the rxtools.dat, code.bin,firmware.bin and slot0x25KeyX.bin file to the root of your SDCard.

4.Open the fbi_injection folder and open the folder of your region. Copy the file to the root of your SDCard.

5.Safely eject the SDCard and plug it into your 3DS.

(6.)If you are on Firmware above 4.5, rxtools allows you to downgrade System Settings so that you can use Mset on FW4.5 <. Open the Tools folder and start msetdg.exe. Choose your Region and copy the created msetdg.bin file to the root of your SDCard. After that open the browser and go to hold R and go to Other Options->Downgrade MSET on SysNAND. After its finished, shutdown your 3DS and turn it on again.

6.Open the 3DS Camera with L and R.

Scan this qrcode. This will install the rxtools mset exploit. The QR code can be found here.

7.Now go to Settings->User Settings->DS Profile Settings and hold R. You should now see a Menu. Go to “Other options” and choose “Install FBI over Health&Safety App” and then press Y for EmuNAND. The app will still be named Healt&Safety but it will start FBI.

8. Launch rxMode!

And, you’re done! You can now use rxtools and have the complete collection of tools you need to hack your Nintendo 3DS.