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Rumeur : Nintendo NX plus puissante que la Playstation 4 ?

Quand il s’agit de consoles de jeux, c’est 4 Playstation de Sony et Xbox un de Microsoft dehors luttant pour la première place. LaNintendo Wii U, en deçà cependant, ses attentes dans l’escaladevers le haut. En raison de la mévente de la Nintendo Wii U, la société de jeuxest retourné à la planche à dessin […]

2004-2006 Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Fairing Kit

Motorcycle fairings kits are amazing kits that can be put on your motorcycle to protect it from air resistance and it can also add another depth of aesthetics. There are a lot of variety when it comes to full motorcycle fairings kit, and some do have really nice paint jobs or decals. Today, we are […]

latest 3DS console

The Nintendo 3DS’s current launch continues to be extremely effective. The R4i card is essential for experiencing audio records, your games and movies all on the Nintendo 3DS. We began as soon as 2006; because of low cost and its simple use. Do you require the most effective R4i card for your 3ds, but how […]

Ninentdo 3DS rxtools

The Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console has a lot of custom firmwares and tools you can install to further unlock the said gaming console’s capabilities. Today, we are going to look at rxtools. Created by Roxas75, rxtools is a set of hacking tools you can use to hack your Nintendo 3DS.Rxtools also has a plethora […]

R4 cards

2. R4i-SDHC 3DS ( R4i-SDHC is just a well-known SLOT 1 display cards for Nintendo DS system. They’re usually updated the kernel of R4i SDHC 3DS cards for the most recent games. They’ve extensively been held by several Nintendo DS participant customers. 3. R4i SDHC Silver ( has improved their software of R4iSDHC RTS […]

Various R4 cards

The r4 card isn’t a completely new card and there are plenty of R4 cards in the industry. They’ve comparable purpose, but with various quality; various title, and various cost. In a term, what you paid; that you will get. You may be confused where to purchase the R4 card, if you would like to […]

Where you can purchase R4i SDHC 3DS RTS?

There are phony websites on the web and lots of phony cards. If you are strange with flashcard, don’t purchase the cards that are inexpensive. Many of them are phony websites or phony cards. You’ll only lose your time and your cash. I would suggest you purchase from 3ds All of the Cards are […]